Susan Elizabeth Hale-Songkeeper

Songkeeper, Pathfinder, Dreamweaver

Sing for the Trees 2015

Malvern, England event

  Sing for the Trees in Malvern

 Join me with the Bards of Avalon on a pilgrimage to St Anne's Well in Malvern to Sing for the Trees. We we meet at the Malvina well at 10:30 on Bellvue Terrace across from the post office walking together up Happy Valley to St Anne's Well, stopping to sing for the trees along the way. At noon we will link with the global love song for our trees.

Prepare for a steep climb, dress for the weather and bring water and snack. The Cafe may or may not be open. Children are welcome.

We are asking a suggestion donation of £5 to cover expenses. The rest will be donated to a tree charity to be announced.