Susan Elizabeth Hale-Songkeeper

Songkeeper, Pathfinder, Dreamweaver

Sing for the Trees 2011 in Glastonbury, England


Sing for the Trees Ceremony at the Holy Thorn in Glastonbury

The Day After Our Ceremony


The next day after Earth Day-Sing for the Trees new buds appeared on the trees. A sign of hope and the power of love that has surrounded the Holy Thorn since it was vandalized in Dec. 2010. Unfortunately the new buds were plucked off and the tree died. Cuttings were taken from tree and taken to Kew Gardens in an attempt to grow new trees. 

The story of the Holy Thorn continues with renewed hope but also continued vandalism. Three of the trees taken from the cuttings that have been replanted in various locations around Glastonbury have been destroyed. No one knows who is behind these desecrations. The Official Website for the Glastonbury Holy Thorn tells the story in more depth.

Hope lives on in the many branches of the Holy Thorn that bloom throughout the world.

The Power of Love Prevails