Susan Elizabeth Hale-Songkeeper

Songkeeper, Pathfinder, Dreamweaver

Sing for the Trees 2014 in Much Marcle, England

In 2014 Ian and I were drawn to sing to the Much Marcle Yew tree in Much Marcle, England. This 1,500 year old yew has been an old friend. Ian sang here on the first Earth Day-Sing for the Trees in 2010.
He wrote me an email with this and the other trees he sang for that year.

I had visited and sung for the yew in 2009. After I sang I asked for a blessing on the book I was writing, Emma Oliver and the Song of Creation, and the tree gave me the end of the story. Emma Oliver is now published through Our Street Books

A wonderful surprise was seeing a cherry tree in full bl
ossom as we arrived in the churchyard.