Susan Elizabeth Hale-Songkeeper

Songkeeper, Pathfinder, Dreamweaver

Sing for the Trees 2015 in Malvern, England

In 2015
the Bards of Avalon Bea Martin and David Johnson joined a lovely group on a pilgrimage to St Anne's Well in Malvern to Sing for the Trees. We we meet at the Malvina well on Bellvue Terrace and walked up together with our group up Happy Valley to St Anne's Well, stopping to sing for the trees along the way.

These wonderful photographs by David Johnson captures some of the magic of the day.

This completed our pilgrimage of both sides of the Malvern Hills begun in 2013 when we walked to St Anne's Well from the East side of the hills. These hills are alive with the sound of music and inspired Sir Edward Elgar who rode his bike on the Malverns and returned home to compose from the songs he heard in the air.